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Social Ads


Your sales are low, you are not collecting enough leads, your retail location needs more foot traffic, or your Facebook following is small.

Our Solution

Facebook ads and/or Instagram ads.



Instagram ads and Facebook ads are used to get in front of people that look like your target market on social media. Facebook and Instagram ads leverage strong visuals to entice the audience to your website.

With social media ads, we are able to target a niche audience with interest based segmentation - hobbies they have, topics they have read about, or people they follow.

Good Grades


Facebook ads and Instagram ads offer fierce A/B testing capabilities to get metrics on what REALLY resonates with your target market to improve your ad.

Local Business Partners

Retail Support

Launching in a new store and want to get people into the retail locations? Social ads allow for geo-targeting down to the zip code level for foot traffic!


With Us?

Dollar Bills

Save Money

It's easy to waste money on ads if you don't know what you're doing. We've run thousands of Facebook & Instagram ad campaigns since 2017.

Earth and Space

Big Picture

You need more than pretty pictures to make money with ads. We look at the big picture - strategy, copy, landing pages, experience.

Women Colleagues

Small Biz

Women owned and women ran small business headquartered in Minnesota with 19+ years in marketing.





A Shout

A good digital marketing plan includes different tactics with the same goal. By keeping your digital advertising, influencers, SEO services, and website design in one place, on one invoice, your marketing strategy and brand voice will stay the same regardless of where your potential customers see you. Contact us today to put Thrive Marketing Consultants to work for you!

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