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Read below for FAQs on digital marketing, influencers, SEO, and more.

Digital Marketing




What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing is the process of marketing products or services online. It's actually a pretty broad term and can range from tactics like Google ads to managing Facebook ads to influencers to PR. For more details, check out Digital Marketing.


Why do I need digital marketing?

Now more than ever, people are online. To get in front of that captive audience you need to be front and center, and also have on average 7 "touches" before a conversion. Digital marketing is an inexpensive way to generate those touch points and get people to your website. 





What is influencer marketing?

Working with people that large followings on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, and TikTok to promote your brand. For more details, check out Influencer Marketing.


Why should I hire you to lead my influencer marketing campaign?

Unlike "influencer database" companies, we have actual relationships with thousands of influencers and we know who performs well. These cultivated relationships allow us to get better pricing and better content from our influencers that someone doing a one-off post would not see.


How do you vet your influencer partners?

We look at things like category of influencer (fashion, beauty, lifestyle, etc.), follower count, types of followers, engagement rate, who is engaging, quality of content, location they are based out of, what brands they have promoted in the past, rates, and more!


How long until I see the first post after we kick off the campaign?

It usually takes 3 - 4 weeks between when we start pitching to when they actually post. A lot goes into the process and it takes some time in the beginning: Developing the strategy and getting it approved, direct pitching, agreeing on the details of the collaboration, negotiating the budget, contracts, requesting product be shipped, the shipping time itself, trying the product, scheduling it into their content calendar, etc.


Why did the IG story disappear?

Instagram stories expire after 24 hours but we see them perform better time and time again. An influencer is able to link to your website where they cannot in a post. Stories tend to be more conversational and relatable. Also, stories tend to be about half as expensive as a post. It’s important to weigh the pros and cons for each type of content.


Should I add influencers to my marketing plan?

Influencer marketing increases your brand awareness and gets in front of your target market, who maybe haven’t heard of your product / service before, at a very low cost per impression. You can also use their content to repost on your social media to give you more authority or run a giveaway with their audience to increase followers.


How do you find influencers?

First we start with influencers we've worked with that fit your criteria and we know have strong engagement. While we specializes in mommy bloggers and lifestyle, fashion, family, and beauty influencers, we can find a specific niche too by asking influencer friends, researching hashtags, checking location tags, and finding influencers like influencers we want to work with.


Do direct pitches mean guaranteed posts?

Unfortunately no. A direct pitch means we reach out to hand-selected influencers and talk to them about your brand. We cannot control how many influencers want to move forward but we do our best to convince them to! You can usually expect 4-10 posts a month, depending on the value of the products, influencers we're targeting, and the budget available to pay them.


What influencer Instagram metrics do you track?

On posts, we look at impressions, likes, comments, bookmarks, and shares. On stories we look at impressions and actions taken (link clicks, shares, replies).


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What is SEO?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of performing keyword research to identify what your target market searches for on Google when looking for your products or services, then placing those keywords within your website naturally.


What goes into an SEO audit?

We crawl your website, perform keyword research, optimize the pages, then implement. For more details, visit SEO Services.


When will I see results?

Search engines do not crawl the same website very often. Typically you will see rank changes slowly over a couple months, with the most noticeable change in about 6 months.


Why do I need to SEO my website?

SEO sets your website up for long-term success by placing you high when someone is searching for your product / service.. By providing value or answering a question, Google will rank you higher on the SERPs (search engine results pages). 


How long does an SEO audit take?

You can expect the SEO audit process to take about a month


Do you implement the SEO?

Yes, implementation is included in the base SEO audit pricing! We have experience with the leading website builders like Wordpress, Shopify, Squarespace, Wix, and Magnolia.


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What are paid ads?

Instagram and Facebook ads are used to get in front of people that look like your target market on social media and lead them to your website. Google Search ads are usually text only and displayed to people searching for select keywords. For more details, check out Facebook & Instagram Ads and Google Ads.


Why Facebook or Instagram ads?

Where there is purchase intent with Google ads, there is reach with  social ads and you're able to target more narrowly with things like interests and level of education. Also, we can run Facebook ads to increase your following.


What's so great about Google ads?

Purchase intent! When people search Google, they have an action in mind. Whether it's purchasing, learning, or visiting a store, they already know they are interested so you don't have to do any convincing. Typically Google ads are better at converting but don't have the same reach as Instagram and Facebook ads. 

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