Thrive Marketing Consultants was born when our Founder realized she wanted to give her clients more. More attention, more strategy, more results than she could at a marketing agency or in-house marketing team. So instead of being just another client, we promise to treat you like THE client.


We have launched marketing campaigns for hundreds of entrepreneurs and small businesses like Bangle & Babe and Playgrounds Etc up through big organizations like GE, Hershey, and AAA Insurance. Thrive Marketing Consultants offers internet marketing services such as social media influencers, Instagram and Facebook ads, Google ads, CRO, marketing strategy, and SEO... so pretty much everything you need to successfully market your business online. 

We are fortunate to be able to work with only the brands that we believe in and truly feel passionate about. So contact us today to see if we're a great fit!

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Kelly is definitely a left brain kinda gal. Metrics and data-driven decisions are kinda her thing. She believes in keeping it real and getting you results.

She started her career over 17 years ago in product marketing, witnessing firsthand the fall of print marketing and wow, was it a quick decline. After seeing where the industry was going, Kelly jumped wholeheartedly into internet marketing services.


When she’s not working (which is rarely), she loves camping where there is no wifi, watching her sons play ice hockey, cuddling with her dog Lucy, and celebrating every holiday like a champ.