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The Manifest Award For SEO Services in Minneapolis

We are thrilled to share with you another milestone that our team at Thrive Marketing Consultants has achieved. The Manifest has recognized us among the leading and most reviewed SEO companies in Minneapolis for 2022.

The Manifest is a how-to and a business news site that compiles and analyzes practical business wisdom for innovators, entrepreneurs, and small and mid-market businesses.

Are you wondering how we got here? Let’s take a look at where we began.

In 2020

Thrive Marketing Consultants was born when our Founder, Kelly Thompson, realized she wanted to give her clients more. More attention, strategy, and results than she could at a marketing agency or in-house marketing team. So instead of being just another client, we set out to treat you like THE client. We are proud to offer many digital marketing tactics such as SEO services, Facebook and Instagram ads, Google ads, influencer marketing, conversion rate optimization, and more.

In 2021

One of our clients, Playgrounds Etc, provided a stellar review on our SEO services. We worked with Playgrounds Etc to perform an SEO audit on their website, make and implement recommendations, and perform monthly optimizations.

"Since partnering with Thrive Marketing Consultants, the company has increased their web sales by 30%. The team is highly receptive when it comes to project management, and the internal stakeholders are particularly impressed with their vast technical prowess and digital marketing knowledge." - Josh Bartlett, Owner of Playgrounds Etc

In 2022

The Manifest recognizes the top companies for 2022, and we’re honored to be among the 15 most reviewed companies offering SEO services in Minneapolis! We value our clients for the support they’ve given us, and we commit to continue providing valuable digital marketing strategies in the future.

We have launched digital marketing campaigns for hundreds of entrepreneurs and small businesses like Bangle & Babe and Playgrounds Etc, up through big organizations like GE, Hershey, and AAA Insurance. We are fortunate to work with only the brands we believe in and truly feel passionate about.

Join the Thrive Marketing Consultants family to get more attention, strategy, and results. Contact us and we will be in touch shortly!


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